Criminal Law


Robbery is defined as a criminal offense involving taking another person’s personal property by force or fear. According to California law, robbery is a felony and a person convicted of this crime can be sentenced to state prison for up to 9 years.

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Murder or attempted murder is the most serious type of felonies you can be charged with. Such cases can be prosecuted even years after the actual incident, as there isn’t any statute of limitations in place for them.

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Drug Crimes

One of the worst kinds of lawsuits you can get involved in is a drug related lawsuit. If the police have arrested you or a loved one for possessing or selling illegal narcotics, you are sure to be in for some serious trouble if you don’t have the proper representation.

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Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, charges and the criminal prosecution process is a frightening experience. Once arrested for DUI charges, the penalties can range from suspension of your driving privileges to jail sentence, not to mention hefty fines.

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False Arrest

California law empowers police officers with the right to arrest those who disrespect and/or break the law. However, some police officers can take liberties with their rights and flout laws themselves.

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