What to do After a Dog Bite: Required Medical Attention and Legal Steps to Take

What to do After a Dog Bite: Required Medical Attention and Legal Steps to Take

Dog bites are painful. The victim not only undergoes immense physical pain and mental anguish. There are certain steps that need to be taken immediately after a dog bite. If you are attacked and bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to receive due compensation for the expenses and trauma you have undergone. Here is a comprehensive guide to dog bite injury and what steps to take after suffering one.

Get Medical Help Immediately

Have someone take you to the hospital immediately, and if you are unable to do so, call 911 immediately . A dog bite can carry many different infections, such as rabies, thus it’is necessary that you get medical attention without delay after the bite.

Photograph Your Injuries

Photographs are extremely telling. Make sure you take clear photographs of your injury before you opt for medical treatment. If you are unable to do this by yourself, ask for assistance. Talk to the doctors and nurses, and photograph all your wounds, bruises, blood soaked clothing, etc. These will all help serve as evidence of your injury.

Identify the Dog Owner

It is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that the dog is well trained and does not hurt or injure anyone. So when such an incident happens, identify the dog and its owner immediately. Names, addresses and witness information, if available is a must.

Once you have received immediate medical attention, gather more information about the dog’s history. Find out if the dog has bitten or attacked anyone earlier? Has it been legally designated ‘dangerous’? All of these information will be extremely important in pursuing your case further and receiving justice.

Make a Report of the Incident to the Authorities

File a dog bite report with the local authorities or agency that looks after animal control in your jurisdiction. Co-operate fully with the investigating officers.

Access Legal Resources

There are possible legal resolutions to a dog bite case. Access legal resources online to find out about the landlord liability for dog bites, homeowner association liability for dog bites, humane society liability for dog bites, one-bite rule and other related personal injury laws. Also learn of the ‘menacing act’ clause in dog attacks. It would be an added advantage for you, if you also brush up on the animal laws of your state.

Get in Touch with an Attorney

They might appear simple on the surface, but dog bite cases are complicated and often can take very long. The legal issues in dog bites can get difficult to navigate through, that’s why you need to contact an attorney. When asked, why a dog bite victim should hire an attorney, personal injury lawyer from Victorville says, “ An attorney can help you understand your own case better, develop strong evidence structure and enable you to get a much higher compensation amount from the insurer. He will present the case in a way that the insurer is compelled to provide the just settlement amount without going to court.”

If you have been injured by a dog, please contact us today for a free consultation to find out what your rights are!

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