What Happens When You Settle with the Insurers Without Contacting an Attorney?

What Happens When You Settle with the Insurers Without Contacting an Attorney?

What Happens When You Settle with the Insurers Without Contacting an Attorney?

After suffering a personal injury, you are often left wondering, will I be compensated for all my medical bills, as well as any pain and suffering? As a plaintiff in a personal injury case, you are entitled to proper compensation from those responsible for your pain and injury.

Personal injury damages can be strictly classified into three categories:

  • General Compensatory Damages

  • Special Compensatory Damages

  • Punitive Damages

There are clear rules and legalities involved in the awarding of each of these damages. It is pertinent the injured individual knows that legal consultation is absolutely a must in a personal injury case.

Complexities Arising in Documenting Damages

There is enough evidence to suggest that cases where individuals represent themselves often fail to make an impactful legal case. Without proper means of documenting damages, the responsible party can get away with paying little to no compensation.

Appropriately Assessing Claims

Ever wonder how the insurance company comes up with a settlement amount? You will never know, and this will always give them an edge over you. Get an expert personal injury attorney on your side to make sure they assess your claims properly, taking into account, all elements of monetary and non-economic losses.

All of this requires legal expertise, emotional detachment, and economic accuracy, which only comes when you have a personal injury attorney on board.

Settle Effectively with the Insurance Companies

When you are involved in a bike or car accident, you will many times face the problem of receiving low settlement offers. When the insurance companies observe that you lack professional legal representation, they take advantage of this situation and offer you rock-bottom settlement offers. Often, the individual ends up accepting these low offers, not knowing that they were entitled to much more.

Deriving from the above information, we can say that in such situations, you need zealous and aggressive legal representation to get you a more justified settlement from the defendant’s insurer.

The responsibility of submitting adequate proof is on the individual has been injured. This will require intensive investigation and case monitoring, which many inexperienced individuals are not able to do adequately, which is why you need a skilled personal injury lawyer. All medical bills (current and future),loss of valuables, emotional destress, and long-term damages like loss of future earnings, physical impairment, must be compensated properly. This is where a professional attorney comes in.

If you are in the Ontario or Victorville area, call the trusted and experienced personal injury attorneys at Mettias Law Firm to ensure you receive adequate compensation from your personal injury case!

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